Carol DeVaney
Author Romance Fiction
"I could not, at any age,
be content to take my
place by the fireside and
simply look on. Life was
meant to be lived.
Curiosity must be kept
alive. One must never,
for whatever reason,
turn her back on life."     
    ~ Eleanor Roosevelt ~
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Inspirational and Romantic
Suspense are the two genres
I most enjoy reading and
writing, because it's mostly
what I read as a young girl.

High upon a Tennessee hill in
our back yard, stood a gnarly
old Oak. The cool of evening
or heat of the day found me
leaned against its trunk. The
perfect place to daydream.
Dreams--transformed by a
simple turn of the page.

Those type books followed
me through today because
they all had happy endings
and who doesn't prefer an
uplifting read? Soon
characters wandered into my
own head. That writing
passion lingered.
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"Love is one moment in time,
One moment of love is a lifetime."
Carol DeVaney
"It's the little things,
that make us great.
-Carol DeVaney
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Forgiveness opens the heart and frees
the past.

PERFECT MATCH, from Atlanta to
Crossroads, a small town on the
Plateau in Tennessee, two people refuse to forgive
for different reasons, until they realize their
happiness depends on forgiveness.

Nursing wounds over a broken
engagement, twenty-seven-year-old
Cali Weston, has no inclinations of
becoming involved again and
submerges herself into Weston Art
Gallery, intent in making it the best in

Summoned to Crossroads, Tennessee
to settle her father's affairs, she meets
Trace Robbins
, widowed at twenty-six.

After the death of his wife, Jena, Trace
faces raising his son, Dylan, alone. He
blames himself for both the accident
and Jena's death. Now her memory
haunts him. Neither love or marriage is
an option.

Sparks fly when Cali realizes Trace's
interests are centered not on her, but
on two-hundred acres of prime farm
land, she'd acquired from her father.
Cali finds her concern leans toward the

Cali struggles with meeting obligations
of the art studio and holding onto last
ties of her father's memory.

Neither deny a strong attraction to the
other. But, Trace can't let go of Jena's
memory, and Cali won't play second
fiddle to a ghost.

Truth and understanding are

NOT MY OWN, from Atlanta to Denver,
to a small north Georgia town, one
woman's life is changed forever after the
man she rejects, shows her the true
meaning  of love and family.

Megan Phillips faces the second
most difficult time in her life. A
dying father she hasn't seen in
seven years, and Adam, a
brother she hadn't known

Bret Evans, her father's lawyer,
advises her of the codicil in her
father's will, she will raise Adam
or give up all rights to her

Adam's future depends on
Megan. But Megan has no
intention of accepting the
inheritance from her father's
estate, nor the responsibility of
his child.

When Bret forces a meeting of
the two siblings, she has a
change of heart.

Bret Evans leads an
uncomplicated bachelors life,
and that's the way he wants his
life. Megan and Adam may be
the irresistible force that takes
him on a journey to family.

Tina Cole loses her way in the middle of a
snowstorm, then her car takes a dive into a ditch
near divorced writer, Hank Gordon’s Smoky
Mountain rustic cabin.

Hank’s deadline is twenty-four hours away and
without electricity, or phone service to email his
editor, his Christmas spirits are low and his nerves
raw. He’s in no mood for surprises, or to entertain a
high-maintenance, pampered city girl.

Tina wants no part of Hank’s face licking dog, Sam
who causes her to tumble into the Christmas tree.
While Tina tries to prove she isn’t completely
hopeless in the kitchen and attempts to make a fire
in the wood stove, she inadvertently uses some of
Hank’s manuscript pages to light the fire.

Hank’s really irate now and wonders what other
problems his uninvited guest has in store.

Hank is wounded while trying to rescue Tina from
escaped convicts, and realizes losing her would be
worse than losing parts of his manuscript.

Tina discovers home is where Hank is, she
becomes his Christmas miracle and helps Hank
learn trust and love.